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As the market for corporate loans in Vietnam is becoming increasingly difficult, interest rates are rising, and the complex lending process causes new demand for capital and restructuring to become a necessity. Of many institutional clients. With the desire to bridge the business and investor, investment banking services of Smart Invest Securities JSC is aimed at helping businesses raise capital and operate more effectively.

1. What is investment banking?
This is the most important operation, the core of many big financial institutions in the world such as Investment Banks, Securities Companies, Fund Management Companies. Some major services include underwriting, acting as the intermediary between the issuer and the investor; Support and promote M & A deals, business restructuring and brokerage for large institutional clients.

2. Why should you choose SmartSC?

– The company has many years of experience in the finance and securities field with experienced staffs (nearly 20% of staff have more than 10 years of experience), high professional qualifications (10% The rest are university level, most SISI staff have worked at large securities firms and financial institutions.)
– A thorough understanding of the laws of the State of Vietnam in the field of finance, banking as well as investment.
– Strong financial capacity and flexibility to raise capital.
– Intensive, strong network with many enterprises and organizations (domestic and foreign).
Smart invest has been and will continue to be a companion to provide the best services in the field of Investment Banking for customers