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1. The content on this website, in whole or in part, such as trademarks, logos, images, softwares, text and other content, are the property of Smart Invest and controlled by Smart Invest.


2. Smart Invest reserves the right to modify, add or delete any content on the website at any time without notice. The content of products and services displayed on the website is only for introductory purposes and does not automatically apply at any time when you visit. Smart Invest reserves the right to postpone or stop providing the service through the website.


3. No one may change, delete, destroy, counterfeit, copy or use for commercial purposes any part or all of these materials without prior written consent from Smart Invest. This use is legal if it meets the following criteria:

For the purpose of transaction with Smart Invest

When used, quote the source and retain the link to the original, retain the integrity of the information and ensure the intellectual property rights of Smart Invest for intellectual property on this website.