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Capital markets in Vietnam are facing strong changes, the demand for capital access of all sectors in the economy put a heavy burden on the commercial banking system. The need for investment capital and commercial production is creating a situation of imbalances in term of commercial banks, thus creating big risks for the commercial banking system and further economy. In the past, when thinking of capital, including short and long term, corporate systems often think of approaching commercial banks. At present, the stock market is showing outstanding advantages to return the balance of capital needs of economic sectors. Long-term and sustainable capital mobilization. Enterprises need to look to the stock market.

Serving as an Investment Bank, Smart Invest Securities Joint Stock Company as a financial intermediary to carry out a range of financial services as well as to bridge long-term capital between the Government, Securities and Stock Market. This is the most important operation, the core of many large financial institutions in the world that Smart Invest Securities Company is looking forward to.

Smart Invest acts as a financial intermediary for a wide range of financial services such as underwriting, intermediation between issuers and investors; Support and promote M & A transactions, corporate restructuring and brokerage for financial transactions of large corporate clients … Smart Invest has been and will continue to be a companion. Providing the best services in the field of Investment Banking for customers.




Corporate Finance Consultancy.

Corporate Structure and Restructuring.

Consultancy on Equitization and Listing.

Consultant to raise capital, withdraw capital.

Mergers and Acquisitions.

Investor Relations and Strategic Investor Search Solutions.

Advising strategic shareholder search solutions (Individual / Organization)